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Small, pointed pepper that ranges in color from bright green to greenish-black and red. These peppers are hot and should be used with caution. May be chopped and used in cooked or uncooked dishes. The heat scale for peppers is called the Scoville Scale.

Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are small to medium in size and are round or oval with a somewhat uniform shape. The thin skin is ruby to deep red and is smooth with some light brown speckling, spots, and indentations. ... When cooked, Red potatoes have a waxy and dense texture and a mild, buttery, and earthy flavor.


A traditional food plant in Africa, this little-known vegetable has the potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable land care. There are few ways to minimize the slime:
Simply trim off the ends and avoid puncturing the okra capsule.
You can also minimize the slime factor by avoiding the tendency to overcook okra.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers or Sweet peppers – however, you choose to call them; this mild-mannered member of the capsicum family registers zero on the heat scale. Peppers are versatile and can be used raw or cooked. Herbaceous and grassy tasting, Green Bell peppers are great sauteed and served or stuffed and roasted.


Onions are a kitchen essential. They are used as a base for everything; soups, stocks, saut_s or just caramelized and added to dishes. Onions can be used raw, or they can be cooked, allowing their flavors to mellow. Yellow onions are typically not as strong as white onions, but stronger than red onions.


Fresh basil can be used fresh (raw) or added to sauces. A well-known dish is Caprese salad, where chefs tuck fresh basil leaves between layers of fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes. Like all herbs, a little goes a long way…but maybe not when it comes to basil, as it is also the star ingredient of pesto, which is a puree of basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese.

Local Honey

Local bees make local honey, which means the pollen they collect and bring back to the hive is all sourced from local plants. Since many seasonal allergies are caused by these same plants, eating honey that contains that pollen can possibly combat those allergies.

Black Garlic

Black garlic is fresh raw garlic (Allium sativum) that changes with time through the use of low heat and humidity of about 70% in a process called the Maillard reaction. During this process, the cloves turn a distinct black color. The garlic's texture and flavor change as well.

Home Canned Tomatoes

Whole peeled tomatoes, packed in juice, sometimes referred to as "kitchen-ready." Taste tests indicate that whole tomato packed in juice tends to be perceived as fresher-tasting.

Jams & Jelly

Can be used for glazing, ice cream toppings, or even PB&J, Sherry's jams and jellies are the best in the Corpus Christi area. enjoy a 4oz jar in your basket.

Homemade Italian Bread

The best Homemade Italian Bread in town comes from our friends at Bellino's Restorante. not only do they have amazing Homemade Italian Bread they also use local ingredients in their dishes, drop by and let them know Dagon Produce sent you.

Farm Eggs

FAQ: What are the living conditions for the chickens that laid these eggs?
Answer: ...Have you ever heard of chickens having an AC in their coop?
That is right, the farm chickens are well kept and very happy and you can tell by their delicious eggs.

Popping Corn

Locally harvested corn, specifically harvested for your popping enjoyment. Easy stovetop instructions and the satisfaction of knowing that you are eating a product that is grown and harvested right in your community.

Bay Leaves

Harvested from local Mediterranean Bay leaf trees, these leaves are perfect for cooking with and have a great flavor as well.